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BlackScorpion custom shirts are addictive because shirts that fit look and look great keep clients coming back for more.  Custom shirts $150 - $450.

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Custom Shirts

BlackScorpion | Fashion Style Travel - Custom shirts are made specifically for the image our clients want to project. Choose from colored stitching, custom collars, personalized cuffs and fashionable buttons. Our custom shirts last for years. They are worth the price. Shirts range from $155 to $495. Book an appointment with Sean Chalfin of BlackScorpion custom clothing today.    

Premium Custom Shirts

Personalize Your Shirt

Custom shirts are made the way our clients like.  Build your shirt by choosing styles with unique accents like stitch color and buttons.

Custom Casual Shirts

BlackScorpion Custom Shirts - Style your shirts with cuffs not found in retail stores.  Featured is a three button cuff.

French Cuff Shirts

BlackScorpion custom shirts designs include multiple cuff options.  Featured is a window box French cuff.